all you need is love

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Love is simple, love is energy, your energy is love.
Love is not just a word, or a book, or an object, it is not something you can buy or sell, love can not be lost nor can it be found. Love exists within each of us and is always constant. Love is always there, some individuals choose not to recognize or acknowledge it. Love is peaceful, humble, calm, it is joyful, happiness, bliss, and ecstasy, love is also purely divine. Anytime you experience any form of enlightenment that is love. Love is limitless to the different intensities that can be created or I should say co-created, as the giving and receiving of love, true love, is attained through an equal exchange. Love can be achieved by fulfilling your truest desires, for when we make an effort to fulfill our desires, wishes and dreams, it ignites different sensations and enhances all of those powerful emotional responses, usually associated with pleasure. The intensity depends on how much you are passionate about the experience. That is why I encourage individuals to connect to the things or get involved with things they are passionate about. Our passions are the gate way to love and it is only ourselves that can create the experience. We often crave love the most in times of adversity and challenges. Everything we do, whether it be right or wrong, good or bad, are all acts of love, it is just a simple shift of perception.

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